General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery

  1. Our offers are valid for 30 days.

  2. Our prices include installation in new, fitting frames for flat rectangular panes without rounding or cutouts.

  3. Our prices are per square meter, even if a total price is given.

  4. Our prices are valid only if a two-phase installation is possible, meaning the installation of the exterior pane and the installation of the interior pane. Subsequent trips will involve an additional charge.

  5. Our prices are valid for the measurements specified in the offer. Even minor variations result in higher or lower charges from our suppliers, and the prices we charge may be adjusted accordingly.

  6. Tolerances for quality, dimensions, thicknesses, flatness, colours, and "rainbow" effects due to light interference come from our suppliers.

  7. Silver plating is never guaranteed by us or by our production factories.

  8. Manufacturer warranties for insulated windows involve only the manufacturer; we are not bound in any way whatsoever. When replacing glass under warranty, the customer is responsible for the cost of labour.

  9. For tempered glass assemblies, our prices does not include special fasteners, metal frames, or windows and cutouts in the wall, ceiling, floor, or lintel, unless otherwise indicated.

  10. If the customer or its agent requires that we use a particular quality, source, or type of material or a particular process, we will not be held liable for any defects resulting from the type of material or process used.

  11. Our prices do not include window cleaning, unless otherwise indicated.

  12. We are committed to an order only after we have confirmed it.

  13. We assume responsibility for the measurements we take on installed frames. We are not responsible for measurements submitted by the customer, architect, or frame manufacturer. Unless otherwise indicated, measurements are taken from the bottom of the groove, with the first dimension being the length and the second the width, unless otherwise indicated.

  14. The customer must provide us with an easily accessible room at the site, suitable for storing supplies.

  15. The customer must provide us, free of charge and liability, with required hoists, scaffolding, and a 220 V power current, unless otherwise indicated.

  16. The customer must verify that the frames and doors are sized and fitted with their glass panes possibly before the start of the window installation. The customer must also verify that the grooves of the frame are coated with a layer of primer and that the protective layer is removed from the aluminium frame in areas where the sealant is applied.

  17. Contract workers operate and travel at the risk of the customer, which is agreed upon at the start of our installation work.

  18. Agreed times are not binding, and delays will not result in damages. If fines are imposed due to delays, they may only be applied if the dimensions were obtained on time, window installation could begin on the schedule date, and/or installation was not disrupted by the customer, supplier, rain, frost, storms, strike, or other extraordinary situations.

  19. Once the windows and/or tempered glass assemblies have been installed, the glazier is relieved of all liability for damages caused by third parties, weather, fire, or any other cause of breakage or damage, other than an installation defect. Glass that is damaged after installation will be repaired at our special repair rate.

  20. The project owner or architect assumes full responsibility for third parties, including neighbours, and for damages resulting from the design and the fact of its execution.

  21. Dimensions are rounded to the next centimetre. Unit surfaces are rounded up to the next dm², with a 50 dm² minimum per volume. Any window with an irregular shape will be measured based on the dimensions of the largest rectangle that circumscribes it.

  22. We are authorised to charge for goods stored at the site at 70% of the established price.

  23. We charge throughout the process of installing quantities of product.

  24. We reserve the right to apply the price revision formula:
    - For a turnaround time of fewer than 100 business days:
    p = P (0.50 s/S + 0.50)
    - For a turnaround time of more than 100 business days:
    p = p (0.50 s/S + 0.30 i/I x 0.20)
    applied on the date of each invoice relative to the date of the offer.

  25. When we send an invoice, we require approval of the invoice within 10 days of the invoice date. Protests and reservations will be considered only they are expressed in writing within EIGHT DAYS of the invoice date.

  26. Customers may not retain anything from their payments as a guarantee.
    The customer must pay a 40% deposit at the time of order,
    followed by 20% due at the time of delivery to the job site, 20% due upon completion of work, 20% due 30 days after the date of our invoice, unless otherwise indicated.

  27. Final and provisional invoices must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. We will not waive this requirement by drawing a bill on the buyer or by collecting on amounts due. The creation of effects will not equate to a novation, and the buyer is responsible for paying collections fees.

  28. By the mere act of paying late, our customer acknowledges a breach of contract and causes us harm accordingly, damage affecting our accounting and administrative departments, creating a dispute file, and resulting in a penalty equal to 10% of the total amount of the order. Conventional default interest will be applied at a rate of 12%.

  29. The contract may be suspended if payments are not made within the agreed time periods, even for another customer site.

  30. In the event of a dispute, only Liege courts have jurisdiction.